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Concert reviews: Moonface (Oct. 16, Doug Fir Lounge) and Hooray for Earth (Oct. 10, Missippi Studios)

Two concerts from last month I reviewed for Spectrum Culture, plus vids of the bands involved: In concert, Moonface… is more than just Spencer Krug’s one man show. Touring behind the debut album Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped, … Continue reading

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Switching gears

So, I was going through my iTunes, noticing how many albums by a given artist I on average had. Here is a brief list of the artists with the most number of albums on my iTunes: The Beatles (11) Bob … Continue reading

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The redemption of William Randolph Hearst

When death comes, it snatches with quick & clumsy kittens’ claws in a frenzy of untrained aptitude. It comes with all the clumsy enthusiasm of a teenager. It doesn’t allow for last words or unfinished business or secrets whispered with … Continue reading

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Miniature playgrounds for miniature children

A dream of silent life is what I wanted. But in my head an endless music plays that bleeds into the fabric of my dreams constantly, and last night an angry rhythm of random images pounded themselves out while I … Continue reading

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