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Spectrum Culture album reviews: Poliça – Give You The Ghost and Emily Wells – Mama

Another cd double header. Emily Wells and the voice behind Poliça both are crafters of impressive music and charismatic frontwomen. Their music stands for itself. Read about, and watch, below: “Amongster” leads off the record with scratchy, Wall of Sound synth … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture music reviews: Animal Joy (Shearwater) & Le Voyage Dans La Lune (Air)

Two albums, two diametrically dissimilar approaches. Shearwater is emotional, muted and occasionally ecstatic, building their sound up around simple arrangements and melodies; Air is just about what you’d expect from a couple of French guys tooling around with a crapload … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture book reviews: The Origins of Political Order by Francis Fukuyama; Something to Say by Richard Klin

Book reviews: love to do ’em, but they take about 10,000x the effort of a music, film or concert review, so I don’t do them often enough. Here’s two recent ones from yours, truly. First is Francis Fukuyama’s “The Origins … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture music reviews: Laura Gibson’s “La Grande,” rediscover of Lia Ices’ “Grown Unknown”

Two reviews, four vids. Haunted-voiced female singer-songwriters. A good day for everybody involved. First, Laura Gibson’s new album, the spectral “La Grande”: Due to enlistment of percussionists Matthew Rubin Berger and Rachel Blumberg as well as appearances from Calexico’s Joey … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture concert reviews: Papercuts, Sea & Cake/Lia Ices, Minus the Bear/Velvet Teen, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

This one’s a four-fer! First up is my review of Aughts icons Minus the Bear and the Velvet Teen, at the Doug Fir on Nov. 8: Minus the Bear entered with “Thank You For Being A Friend” blaring on the … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture film feature, Oeuvre: Samuel Fuller – The Crimson Kimono

More from our Sam Fuller series. Strangely, Crimson Kimono has the dubious distinction of remaining one of the only mainstream American dramas featuring an Asian-American male in a leading role, more than a half-century after its release. More backlogged Spectrum … Continue reading

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Concert reviews: Moonface (Oct. 16, Doug Fir Lounge) and Hooray for Earth (Oct. 10, Missippi Studios)

Two concerts from last month I reviewed for Spectrum Culture, plus vids of the bands involved: In concert, Moonface… is more than just Spencer Krug’s one man show. Touring behind the debut album Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped, … Continue reading

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