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The importance of the World Cup

Now that the 2010 World Cup is over, my life has returned to normal. No more 7 a.m. games eating up my mornings, nor 1130 a.m. games consuming the early portions of my afternoons. Of course, I enjoyed watching the … Continue reading

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The romantic distance

It’s much more romantic to remain at a slight distance from some things, don’t you think? Up close, or from too far away, some things lose their luster or their appeal, and we long for that view, perched halfway between … Continue reading

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On judging a book by the cover

Beginning when we are small and impressionable, we’re told to “never judge a book by its cover.” Which book? What cover? The saying implies that beneath the cover lies something worth the while. You shouldn’t judge the book by its … Continue reading

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“Other People” and the Empty Boat

L’Infer… c’est les autres. (Hell is other people.) Jean-Paul Sartre In Catch-22, Yossarian insisted to any who would listen that the German anti-aircraft crews were actually trying to kill him — personally. For Yossarian, it didn’t matter that the German … Continue reading

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Home Life

“And your mother laughed at the serious way you looked at her…” Shearwater, “Home Life” Though mostly I like to joke around about stuff and poke fun at things and people, at times I feel absolutely overcome with seriousness. Even … Continue reading

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The case for misfortune

I never learn more about the world and myself than in the times when life has beaten me down and I don’t think I can go on. I don’t think this is particular to me. It is a human trait, … Continue reading

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A toast to good music

Music is simply incredible, isn’t it? No wonder it’s been around so long, and is so fundamental a means of expression for human beings. Continue reading

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