Spectrum Culture album reviews: Poliça – Give You The Ghost and Emily Wells – Mama

Another cd double header. Emily Wells and the voice behind Poliça both are crafters of impressive music and charismatic frontwomen. Their music stands for itself. Read about, and watch, below:

“Amongster” leads off the record with scratchy, Wall of Sound synth squealing in My Bloody Valentine-sized wallops, coming across like some glitchy club track slowed way down, while Leaneagh’s vocals skate verbal figure-eights around incessantly tapped rims. Her presence first paddles along in and then releases itself fully to the song’s chaotic percussive intensity. A basic hip-hop beat and evocative background textures lay down the steadily easy constructs of “I See My Mother,” more rim-riding sketching out the clip of a nighttime urban walkabout, beneath glaring lights and through dark alleyways. Leaneagh comes through in staggered vocal layers set at heavy delay, lending unexpected elegance to verses such as, “She’s letting down her long black hair.” “Violent Games,” by contrast, has a gruffly adrenalized start, Leaneagh’s fractious vocals at odds with her admission, “Man by my enemy, oh but he knows/ My needs.”

Read the rest at Spectrum Culture.

Gentle counting off launches opening track “Piece Of It,” Wells manifesting first in a gaseous butane hiss against the barest, wailing melodica flailing in a wash of upright bass, ukulele and plucked violin strings. Later in the imbalanced waltz, having wavered softly among liltingly impressionistic, paper-thin instrumentation for a spell, her vocals come cross-directionally and ghastly sounding, layers of Wells singing concomitantly, “Get a little piece and then give it away.” It’s a fitting induction that leads seamlessly into follow-up “Dirty Sneakers And Underwear,” on which Wells incorporates the hip-hop rhythms and breathless inflections found previously elsewhere, and for which she is at least partly known. Big drum strikes and atmospheric samples carry it out as Wells half-moans, half-sighs, again in multiplicity, “You got your hands on me.”

And here’s the rest at Spectrum.

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