Concert reviews: Moonface (Oct. 16, Doug Fir Lounge) and Hooray for Earth (Oct. 10, Missippi Studios)

Two concerts from last month I reviewed for Spectrum Culture, plus vids of the bands involved:

In concert, Moonface…

is more than just Spencer Krug’s one man show. Touring behind the debut album Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped, Krug (on keys) enlisted percussionist Mike Bigelow to provide the other half of the equation implied by the album’s title. A few lit candles and the image of a roaring fire was projected behind Krug and Bigelow. Perched atop Krug’s synthesizer setup was a miniature lighted globe, its mismatched hemispheres feeding into one another confusedly. One inebriated fan placed her bag on the stage in front of Krug’s keyboard as he entered in a brown, long-sleeve button-up workshirt and Bigelow in a simple tee, capped with a tight green beanie. When a request from the crowd in front came to “Rock Me Amadeus,” Krug returned: “All right, we’ll rock you Amadeus.”

And for the rest: Spectrum Culture concert review: Moonface

As for Hooray for Earth…

the New York band, about to enter into its sixth year of existence, is going through growing pains. Their recent intensive synth-pop twirler True Loves has garnered them a bit of buzz and a dedicated – if small fanbase as they set out on a five-week tour (their first outside the Northeast) in support of it. These growing pains manifested themselves, at least for their Mississippi Studios show in support of Cymbals Eat Guitars, in an almost painfully loud set that left the crowd, the band and their sound more than a little unbalanced.

The rest is here: Spectrum Culture concert review: Hooray for Earth

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