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Spectrum Culture concert review: Deelay Ceelay @ Backspace Lounge, October 8

The homegrown dance-music instrumentalists played an all-ages show at Backspace. Deelay Ceelay is an experience. As a collaboration between two enthusiastic (and enthusiastically geeky) Portlanders, percussionist Delaney Kelly and musician/video artist Chris Lael Larson, Deelay Ceelay is both more than … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture music review: Dominant Legs – Invitation

Not much to hear here. Girls’ guitarist and some chick team up, release lazy, substanceless music, nobody notices and everyone goes back to their daily lives. Trust me, though, it’s better that way. I enjoy writing bad reviews about as … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture album review: Björk – Biophilia

The Icelandic songstress’s eighth studio album. Definitely not as strong as past work, but still hovering in that delightful space that is uniquely hers. Large portions of the album were composed on the iPad, and in the run-up to the … Continue reading

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Poetry 365: #2 – Lines of Inspiration

Here are some stumbled-upon lines, verses and quotes that have left me breathless: Scott Adams (he of Dilbert fame): “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Rabindranath Tragore: “Oh, grant me my prayer … Continue reading

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Poetry 365: #1 – August excerpts

Although I have still been keeping up with my yearly poetry quota — for the most part at least, since I’m a bit behind on making it to my goal of another 175 poems for 2011 and may shoot for … Continue reading

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Spectrum Culture concert review: CANT

CANT (solely composed of Grizzly Bear producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor) came to town the first weekend of this month, and I covered his show at the Doug Fir for Spectrum Culture. Playing basically everything off his solo debut, Taylor–and … Continue reading

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