Poem previews, September to mid-November

Hello, hello.

Though I wrote about 50 poems during the period stretching from today back to the date of my last poem previews post on the 7th of September, I won’t list them all here. For the perhaps -2 of you who are interested in being provided an update on my poetry quota, I offer the following snippets, in no particular order. Enjoy:

Fri 1 Oct
“Turn out the lights and it is / no one’s party / no one’s cake, / just a crowd of insects / searching in the dark for a candle / or a knife.”
“First: You’re all hat and flashed / smiles. It’s all I can do / not to fall off my stool.”
Note with no door #4
“inverse to the receding waters, / mirror to the pale carapaces and fish- / and bird-bones accumulating / on the beach in this savage, / macabre hourglass”
“my night will be filled with events / I will not remember, / and I had better go, so that / I may start not remembering them”
Note with no door #12
“If no one is home, / if your house is vacant, / I address this letter to the abandoned door.”
Talkin’ ’bout you like you was dead
“Sometimes, clawlike, / she held too much inside herself.”
Note with no door #22
“what the body desires / tires the mind until / the senses themselves revolt.”
Witches’ Hammer
“Mind the closing gap between / your fantasy wild and white, / and the nightmares which the church bells / speak in hollow Morse-code chimes.”
Note with no door #7
“When absurdity and your circles / end, I hope / you will buy three magazine subscriptions.”
Brother said, sister said
“waited beneath the black-mold / ceiling dripping for signs of you.”
Stars trapped under a plastic sheet
“tomorrow the airport will be / flooded and all flights / delayed because the river / has learned / to fly.”
Note with no door #17
“I can almost feel the hem / of your dress in my hands. / Like it was this paper ticket / in my pocket.”
“She is waiting at the bottom / of the last bobbing glass / in mirrored glasses / in the mirrored, bubbled glass, / naked and peculiar.”
“Feed the homeless / to the poor.”

Thanks for reading! Hope you’re staying warm and enjoying the brisk fall weather (that is, if it’s brisk, and fall, where you live).

About allisunknown

26 year-old student, tutor, and writer. Write for http://www.spectrumculture.com. Also nascent pedestrian advocate. Twitter handles: twitter.com/joeclinkenbeard twitter.com/PedInPDX
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1 Response to Poem previews, September to mid-November

  1. alli says:

    “I can almost feel the hem / of your dress in my hands. / Like it was this paper ticket / in my pocket.”
    Such vivid imagery. I really like this part, too. Although, there are so many I like…

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