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Sorry I’ve been away. I have been watching a lot of the World Cup, writing a lot, and enjoying what has turned into a very short break from work. So, three of my poems were recently used on the splendid literary journal website Danse Macabre. Below are the links.

Scroll down to the second “June 30” entry to find “Someday kids” featured in Danse Macabre Du Jour

And “L’homme obscure” and “Only the dust will remember my name” are part of DM37: Somnium, in the Cosmos Poetica

My thanks goes out to the editor for publishing those three pieces, and to everyone who goes and takes a look at them (and the other great stuff on Danse Macabre).

I hit my goal of 15 poems for the month of June, and am now working on July’s 16. Though I have only written roughly 250 poems in my adult life, I’ve written 70 of them since January, and by the end of this year I will write 90 more. Here are some recent excerpts:

Is?: Is / someone else living your life? / Lying the lie you live?
Broken toe: Tender blueberry in his shoe; source of pain, / source of leg
The poem: Is there meaning there? Mean / meaning? Was it meant?
Saxa non desunt
Ciel nue, ciel noire at the party: The room erupts with laughter, / a white tide of chattering teeth / breaking over the air lit heavy / with eyeballs.
Poem for a person I don’t know well yet
You are, as the saying goes: just a supermarket filled / with plastic fruit; sandbags / filled with gold.
Strangers: The same every time, / timing the self-same each and every time, / the caesura // And gently swirling flowers turned to rust.
June 19th, 2010
Mall of America
And again the advancing night: memory makes liars of us all, / but noble / in our lying and beautiful / in our forgetting
Like walking through a mirror

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to a trip back to San Jose later this month, and time spent with my family!


…If any of the excerpts above caught your eye, let me know and I’ll call you over the interphones and read the whole poem to you! (It’d be fun, and I need the practice.) I’m open to reading any other poems of mine (many of them can be found in the archives of this site), or even ones that aren’t mine.

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