New poems, mid-May to early June

Writing more and, since I haven’t submitted anything recently, wondering where this is all leading to.

Got my 14 poems done in May (15 in fact), and now working on doing 14+1 for the month of June. Ahead of schedule so far. Titles, and samples:

Insulation: Peel off the wires covering / me like steel cables wound / around softened clay
Allergies: Mutation a sudden / advantage in some, / an adaptation of something seen / crawling across a hillside.
And the next morning: What the freeway takes / in meaning it gives / in motion to lives / (without meaning) with only destinations / to their names
The hard-won peace I’m after
Meridian: I’ve got a case of the handshakes / and the state cuts
We’re Animals
The Reading 2: Slim Margin: slow-going but for the buoyancy / in her cadence and the excited smile / nipping at the edges of / her thin lips.
The Reading 1: Cradle Song
The cove: The noise / drives him into the nets, into the cove / with the others where they learn / to be a single heart beating.
Here: The greenness of this land is / always washed-out / in photographs. / Almost like it’s meant / to be a secret.
Chez moi
Zen barbecue

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