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Revisiting Success, I

I’m not sure if this is something that I posted at the time, but last year one of my poems (“A girl in the hand is worth two under the table”) was posted on the poetry site Just a … Continue reading

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Well, now…

So, upcoming is a blog post about the World Cup (as soon as I can convince myself to stop watching it and start writing about it, and… …Two poems that I submitted back in March were accepted a lit journal … Continue reading

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New poems, mid-May to early June

Writing more and, since I haven’t submitted anything recently, wondering where this is all leading to. Got my 14 poems done in May (15 in fact), and now working on doing 14+1 for the month of June. Ahead of schedule … Continue reading

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The romantic distance

It’s much more romantic to remain at a slight distance from some things, don’t you think? Up close, or from too far away, some things lose their luster or their appeal, and we long for that view, perched halfway between … Continue reading

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