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New audio: Oka’s toes

Hey everybody, I just added ‘Oka’s toes’ to my Myspace. This is the third poem I’ve put up on my profile there, after ‘Linea Libra’ and ‘A girl in the hand is worth two under the table’. Have a listen … Continue reading

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New Audio: Linea Libra

Hello all, I added ‘Linea Libra’ to my Myspace page’s music. Recorded it today. Check it out! It’s pretty quiet — my mic sucks — but if you turn up the volume a bit, the quality is great. Thanks … Continue reading

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Oka’s toes

a big breakfast, and Tom’s cat, him peering in like a little lost boy who’s come home to discover his parents have forgotten him, and they’ve thrown away his clothes and his bed and his little red firetruck and there … Continue reading

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For a country as a number

Lasting contributions of our fathers to mankind: iPods, and high definition flatscreen televisions; Bluetooth headsets and hybrid gas & electric automobiles; iPhone apps, and dual-core computer processors… As if we would die were our fingers to stop; as if the … Continue reading

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Pinch, punch, taking a walk. Trash in the creek, an old foot-massager, and trees that release cotton snow you run away from. A young man sits on a stump near the bike trail with some luggage, beneath a tree to … Continue reading

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