Stillborn empires

The luck of Charles the Bold
for freeway fingers clutching
at distant hills.
I’m watching a city claw at the countryside
like a man sinking in quicksand,
pulling up large handfuls
of brush and young trees
as it searches for spaces to sink its veins
into the ground.
Someday kids down the street
will make the city into a cell,
and the earth into an animal.

Until then, quick observance
of the failed ambitions
of kingmakers and Patrias
is worthwhile
for those who find watching
stillborn desert empires
being pulled from the womb
to be worthwhile.

ice cubes
keep falling into the sea,
each a frozen king
with a stillborn empire of his own
he will try to rule.

The luck of Charles the Bold
with a Swiss axe in his skull
and a kingdom-on-the-Rhine
that will never be
for all of us.


About allisunknown

26 year-old student, tutor, and writer. Write for Also nascent pedestrian advocate. Twitter handles:
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2 Responses to Stillborn empires

  1. Alli says:

    I read it slow. Twice.
    It is very nice.
    Very visual.

    I, too, am watching a city claw at the countryside.

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