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open mic tomorrow, etc

Hey all, Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. That should change soon as I rework more of my older poems, and try to write and post new ones. Tomorrow (1 April) I’m reading at the Barefoot Coffee Roasters … Continue reading

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People party only when feeling their best or feeling their worst. When there is a victory or other particular joyous occasion, people will turn to one another and say, “Let’s go out and party!” But when life brings bad tidings … Continue reading

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The fruit that never was

Orchards once stretched for miles here; my mother would hide in the trees as a young girl and smoke secret cigarettes. The most fertile land on earth now yields only fertile minds and sterile suburbs. I yearn for the fruit … Continue reading

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We’re two blossoms on the same bare and lonesome branch

I tried to write a sestina for you but I didn’t like it; the words I selected had stood grumbling like party guests that didn’t get along. If a transmission is to be sent, it’s easiest to write unencrypted, spelled … Continue reading

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Philosophy is an examination and attempt at understanding of the multitudinous aspects, characters, and realities of existence, and poetry is an expression of that which philosophy examines.

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Stillborn empires

The luck of Charles the Bold for freeway fingers clutching at distant hills. I’m watching a city claw at the countryside like a man sinking in quicksand, pulling up large handfuls of brush and young trees as it searches for … Continue reading

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The whole point to humanity

The earth is some glass bottle spinning eternally in the cold and roiling waves of the sea of the Universe.

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To many prophets

I’m throwing darts at today. Trying to accomplish big things with little words. Dreaming of painting. Dreaming of the smallest cities ever built by the hands of giants. And of places I pretend I have been. Dreaming about the inevitable … Continue reading

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Hey all, I recently submitted a few poems to the website ‘SpokenWar,’ which offers up a diverse compendium of the works of many different poets and writers of prose in a clean and streamlined interface (their motto: ‘No Banners, No … Continue reading

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Seashell tale

Future-sand, ribbed rock slabs smoothed, made human by waters that crashed against them millennia ago; brittle sandstone cakes that flake off in little dagger shapes, smelling oxidized… smelling like the blood the waters make them weep and the sands they’ll … Continue reading

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