Re: gig

Thanks to everybody who came out to Red Rock last night for the show. I had a great time reading. It felt good to feel appreciated… Thanks again, and thanks for reading. I will be sure to put up information on any future shows of which I am a part. Also, peripherally, I am hoping to come out with a small book of poems in the Spring. More info to come.


P.S. For those of you reading who have facebooks, if you search for ‘Josef Clinkenbeard,’ add me as a friend. New poems as I post them here turn up in the RSS feed on my facebook, and I try to include info on readings, etc on my page. Thanks.

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26 year-old student, tutor, and writer. Write for Also nascent pedestrian advocate. Twitter handles:
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5 Responses to Re: gig

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Joe,

    Can I kindly reserve a copy of your forthcoming book of poems?

    All the best.


  2. Parisa says:

    Hey hey 🙂
    I totally saw you last night!
    You were awesome 🙂
    (Funny story…I was looking for you online, but couldn’t remember your website name…so I ended up adding you on fb…and then you accepted my add…and then I found this site…and your post that tells people to go add you on fb….I found it very circular and entertaining).

    Okay…this is turning from a friendly comment into a procrastination technique (so, I don’t want to write an essay about how Plato’s Symposium changed my views on love…go figure), so I should probably end it right now (actually, really enjoy leaving exceedingly long comments…it makes me feel special. Because everything makes everyone feel special. Right. Procrastination is bad.)

    I look forward to reading more into your soul through your poetry 🙂

    • allisunknown says:

      Haha, thanks. Sorry for the run-around. I hadn’t heard of Symposium; I’ve read only parts of a few different dialogues (Republic, and a couple others). Reading some of it now, it’s fascinating. If you’re a student of philosophy, you should have no problem picking out a lot of references I make in my stuff (if even because I usually add them to the poem’s ‘tags,’ haha — but at least you’ll know what I mean by them!). Thanks for listening and thanks for reading. I’ll try to keep you entertained. =) If you have any ideas, opinions, suggestions, or requests you’d like to give me, feel free to make them known!!


  3. Alli says:

    Save one for me, too 😉

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