Unfortunately Hitler

[a poem borrowing from statements made by my philosophy teacher cobbled together into heavy-handed non-sequiturs]

The problem with us
is turning into, unknowingly,
the classroom.
But you’re not supposed to say
that’s not right.
As Nietzsche predicted.

Relativists have become dogmatic.
Unfortunately Hitler
doesn’t have that sense of humor.
We’re returning
to the status
–you will notice–
of the three metaphysical theories.
This world
down below us
is causing us to go this way.
Simply atoms in the void,
dark matter,
but that dualism is now stripped away over hundreds of years,
working night and day
above persuasion.

The New Testament
might be used one time
for the
a footnote
if you’re a Christian
or a Muslim.

Discourse is
and this is why
we don’t see what’s going on
in the world.

About allisunknown

26 year-old student, tutor, and writer. Write for http://www.spectrumculture.com. Also nascent pedestrian advocate. Twitter handles: twitter.com/joeclinkenbeard twitter.com/PedInPDX
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