Oh, Where?

is not an answer to a question
but an invitation
to speak of faraway places
to which we may run.
Our options are relatively
and in pondering our choices
we have relative immortality,

or dream of it,
at least,

in that no locale is thought of being
too far-off,
no matter if we deign to travel
by air, by bus,
or some combination
She’d like to travel by foot
and I by beam of light
so that we may set that speed as our goal,
never slow,
and achieve relative
immortality by absolute

About allisunknown

26 year-old student, tutor, and writer. Write for http://www.spectrumculture.com. Also nascent pedestrian advocate. Twitter handles: twitter.com/joeclinkenbeard twitter.com/PedInPDX
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